Can't build zfs-0.8.3 module with 5.6.6 kernel on Fedora #10257

Fedora 30 is reaching End-of-life in a few days (19.05.2020). But after upgrading i lerned that ZFS is not yet building with the newer kernels used by Fedora 31 😞 (#10257).

  1. Download a old Kernel from (kernel, kernel-core, kernel-devel, kernel-modules)
  2. Install the downloaded rpm's
    rpm -Uhv --oldpackage kernel-*
  3. Reboot
  4. Make sure you're now using the old Kernel
    uname -a
  5. Compile the ZFS Module for the running Kernel
    dkms install -m zfs -v 0.8.3 -k $(uname -r)
  6. Check your ZFS Pool status
    zpool status